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Auckland's Most Comprehensive Aquarium Care Solutions

The Aquarium Project is committed to comprehensive aquarium solutions, tailored to any space. We are here for any aquarium need you may have. 

We know the love and joy that is there to be shared using aquariums. They are a fantastic tool to bring nature and peace into any space. Caring for the aquarium can take away some of its joy. It takes up time that may be better spent on what you are good at. You may run into a situation that you don't have the knowledge to tackle. The Aquarium Project is here to take away that burden. 

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Design and Installation

We start with our expert design and installation services. No matter your vision, we will be able to design a solution tailored for you. We only use the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure you are left with a stunning display. 

Ongoing Support and Care

Our ongoing support packages take the burden of aquarium care from your shoulders and ensure you have a beautiful display aquarium to enjoy. 

We are here to handle all of your maintenance needs. With this aquarium care option, you can be as involved as you like. We even have automatic feeding options to remove that worry! 

Troubleshooting and Support

We are here to help you remedy any specific issues you may be dealing with. Maybe a piece of equipment won't do what its told? Perhaps you are dealing with an algae outbreak in your aquarium. Are you in need of professional aquascaping assistance? No matter your issue, we are here to offer complete and wrap-around support. 

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Phone Number: 021 0244 7808

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