The 'Three Idiots Talk Aquariums Podcast'

One of our key commitments here at The Aquarium Project is providing the content that you love. I noticed that in the aquarium space in general, there was a lack of voices in the podcast form. This was amplified in the New Zealand context. 

To solve this issue, and provide you with the information that is essential to being successful with aquariums, I have teamed up with fellow retailer Cam Scott from the fishroom in Nelson, and African cichlid breeder Ryan Jury for the Three Idiots Talk Aquariums podcast. 

In our podcast, we talk about anything aquariums, from breeding, to display aquariums, equipment ins and outs, fish food and much more! You can find out podcast at the link below!

 Cam Scott, Cam Yaxley and Ryan Jury sitting in front of plants