Benefits of an Aquarium in the Workplace

Aquariums are a much more common sight in workplaces than you would expect. Whether it is in a reception space, office, waiting area, or breakroom, every workspace has a place where a relaxed state of mind will benefit. An aquarium is a fantastic tool for achieving peace for both customers and employees alike. In this article, we will examine what benefits can be brought to any workspace.

If you spend any time out and about, you will have noticed the rise of more rich, natural environments in commercial spaces. Natural foliage is everywhere you go from Cafes to corporate offices and everything in between. Nature as a whole 'softens' any environment where it is used. Potted houseplants dot any professional environment that you will find yourself in in the modern day. Aquariums take this relationship to nature to the next level. Not only do they provide ambient and natural calm, but they are a fantastic opportunity to interact with nature on the day to day basis.

Many of our clients find that this interaction is effective in reducing employee stress and increasing productivity. Small things such as naming the different fish, saying hello to them in the morning, or feeding them soften any environment to a point where they can be calm and focused on their regular tasks.

An aquarium in a commercial space not only benefits employees but also customers and clients, no matter the industry. For many places, wait times are expected. For example, if a client comes to a meeting with an accountant, they will likely arrive early. As mother always says 'arriving on time means arriving 15 minutes early!' Most waiting rooms are awkward and uncomfortable by nature. People feel as though they are distracting the receptionist from their work or are out of place. Softening this space by using decor such as natural plants or an aquarium allows people to be far more at ease while they wait. This calmness transfers into the person's demeanor when it comes time for their meeting.

Furthermore, there are massive benefits when it comes to aquariums for children. When a parent comes in to buy a product or arrange a service, having a bored or nervous child tugging at their arm is an obvious distraction. Having a small aquarium sitting next to the desk is a fantastic way to alleviate this stress from your customers. Without fail, a child is always entranced by an aquarium. When a parent has to bring their child with them to see you, alleviating the worry of having to look after them while they see you allow them to focus on your service.

Having an aquarium in your space provides enormous benefits to both your customers and your team. Keeping them in touch with nature naturally reduces stress and allows for your business to do what it does best. If you haven't already, I would highly consider adding an aquarium to your space.

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