EcoPond Pond Care Combo

EcoPond Pond Care Combo

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This bundle includes:

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- 1x Ecopond Barley-bio Algae Control 250ml

- 1x Ecopond Aquatic Plant Food "Plus" 250ml

This bundle is the ultimate toolkit to enable you to keep your pond in premium condition at an affordable rate. Each of these is usually $45 each but our bundle deals will give you both for $

Ecopond Barley-bio Algae Control 250ml

Ecopond Barley-bio Algae Control contains micro-organisms specifically selected for their ability to kill algae by starving it of nutrients and changing the water chemistry to inhibit its growth. It can be used to treat blanket weed and green water. We recommend removing as much filamentous algae (blanket weed) as possible before dosing. Regular use will prevent re-growth.

Dosage: Initial dose 125 mls per 4,500 litres Maintenance dose: 20-40 mls per 4,500 litres weekly thereafter.
For smaller ponds: a minimum initial dose of 70 mls followed by a minimum maintenance dose of 10 mls per week should be applied.

Key Points
For fish and wildlife ponds
Completely natural and safe
Using more than the recommended dose causes no harm
Pet friendly

Ecopond Aquatic Plant Food "Plus" 250ml

Encourages strong and healthy growth in lilies and marginal plants, whilst also discouraging algae. Contains no synthetic chemicals, herbicides or pesticides and is totally harmless to fish, pets, wildlife, plants & children

Dosage: Initital dose: 50 ml per 1,000 litres (220 gallons) Maintenance dose: 20 mls per week through the growing season (or 10 mls weekly in small water features).

Key Points
Particularly good for small water features where plants can be starved of nutrients
Less messy than tablet fertilisers which need to be pushed into soil
Used by professional aquatic plant growers
UV pond units can enhance the effect of the product