Keeping Algae at Bay

When maintaining an aquarium in a commercial setting, it's crucial to ensure its pristine appearance.

When executed correctly, having an aquarium in your place of business can offer significant benefits, such as fostering a sense of calmness and reducing stress. This is why they are often found in offices, waiting areas, restaurants, and more. However, the advantages can be negated if the aquarium is neglected and overrun by algae.

People often ask us for the best methods to keep their aquarium looking its best, delivering the full benefits to both employees and clients.

The number one consideration is establishing a consistent maintenance plan. Regularity is key in maintaining a thriving aquarium. Essential tasks include partial water changes, filter cleaning, and cleaning the glass and decorations. We recommend performing these tasks weekly. As your aquarium matures, keeping the glass and decorations clean becomes easier. In the initial setup phase, algae and waste build up more quickly, but as beneficial bacteria establish themselves, waste is processed more efficiently. Consistent weekly maintenance is vital to ensuring a healthy aquarium.

Algae thrives on excess nutrients, which can come from sources like light, nitrogen, or phosphorus. Understanding the fuel for algae growth is essential to prevent algae outbreaks.

Another valuable tip for maintaining a premium aquarium is to control the amount of light it receives. Many new aquarium owners inadvertently expose their tanks to excessive natural light, which encourages algae growth. If sunlight is unavoidable, you can take steps to manage it. Block off sunlight from controllable angles, such as the back, sides, and top, using colored card, paint, or a thin board. Consider adding a UV filter to denature free-floating algae particles in the water. Fast-growing aquatic plants like Ambulia (Limnophila sessiliflora) or Red Pine (Rotala Wallichii) can help suppress algae by outcompeting them for light and nutrients. Combining these methods with regular maintenance will keep algae issues at bay.

An algae outbreak can quickly mar the beauty of your display aquarium. Understanding what fuels algae growth and how to combat it makes maintenance more manageable. Ultimately, we all desire an algae-free aquarium in our workplace settings

Black Beard algae growing on Ludwigia Repens

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