Who Am I?

Hey there! I'm Cam, the proud founder and director of The Aquarium Project.

My journey with aquariums began long ago, fueled by a deep love for aquatic life. From guppies to African Cichlids, I've immersed myself in the world of fishkeeping. Recognizing a gap in support for fellow enthusiasts, I founded The Aquarium Project with a mission—to spread the joy of successful aquatic endeavors.

Our unique strength lies in a genuine passion for fish and a diverse range of experiences with different types of aquariums. Whether you're troubleshooting a one-time issue or seeking long-term assistance, we have tailored solutions just for you.

My love for aquatic animals traces back to my childhood, infusing my work with passion and attention to detail. The 'why' behind what we do is simple: we're dedicated to empowering you to achieve success with your aquarium, whatever success means to you.

If you're curious to know more about me, check out the video below. And don't hesitate to reach out—whether for a chat or assistance, we're here for you.