Complete Early Childhood Care Package.

I have written extensively about the wealth of benefits that can be had for children when it comes to Aquariums in the Early Childhood Care space. One of these pieces of writing can be found here. Aquariums have so much to teach our tamariki. 

I do however understand that our superhero E.C.E teachers simply do not have time to be dealing with an aquarium, on top of the day to day of providing care for children. 

We have put together a special package that is targeted towards our E.C.E providers. This package is designed to maximize benefits to children, while minimizing costs and time spent on the aquarium. 


This aquarium would be on a once monthly service schedule where we would come and do everything needed to keep the fish healthy and safe. During this time, of course we would love the opportunity to teach the children about the fish they love. for this aquarium, our technicians will take roughly 30 - 45 minutes to conduct the entire service and answer any questions you or the children may have. 

What would you need to do between visits?

This entire package is designed to require as little from you as possible. All you would need to do is assign a child to feed the fish for that day, and that's it!  


Or course, safety is paramount in a childcare situation. This aquarium is full enclosed, so cannot be opened at all by a child. The glass is impact resistant, and the strength that would be required to crack the glass would be beyond an adult, let alone a human. The most important thing we would recommend is minimize risk would be to keep the fish food on a high shelf the children cannot reach to prevent them eating it. 


This full package is available for $695 + GST. When signing up with us this includes full installation free of charge. All we would need from you in this situation would be access and we will take it from there! 

The maintenance plan for this aquarium would be $95 + GST per month. This rate is all inclusive of everything needed to keep the aquarium in premium condition, even down to the food!

If you would be interested in learning some more about this package, please feel free to contact me for more information at or on 021 0244 7808.

A graphic detailing the offer discussed with the pricing and some examples